Fixed Loans

With First Investment Specialized Bank (FISB) no discrimination policy, taking a loan for your business is fast and easy. FISB is one of the first specialized banks established in the Kingdom of Cambodia with an initial capital of 3.8 million dollars in 2005 and with its strong growing reputation, the bank’s capital has risen to over 12 million in first quarter 2008. The list of FISB's benefits set the competition apart:

  • simplified two-page loan application form
  • negotiable interest rate of only 1.15% to 2.15% per month
  • soft plan to protect collateral of loan less than $30,000
  • only 10-15 days processing time for loan approval
  • strong and efficient customer services
  • non-commission staff
  • (The above conditions are subject to change without prior notice).

With a track record of 2 years serving small to medium-sized businesses, FISB's portfolio has grown to more than 260 clients – an average of over 10 per month – from various industries such as agriculture, tourism, import/export, construction, and more.

Applying For a Loan

Applying for a loan at First Investment Specialized Bank is your smart move to continue your business' success. With our professional Loan Officers there to listen and assist you at every move, the process is fast and simple. Along with filling out a two-page Application Form, we ask you to submit the following documents where available:

  1. Copy of ID card or Passport
  2. Copy of Patent Registration
  3. Copy of Company Registration Certificate
  4. Copy of Proof of Ownership of Collateral
  5. Copy of Bank Statement
  6. Copy of Financial Statements, including:
    • Profit/Lost For One Year/Month
    • Balance Sheet
    • Cash Flow
  7. Copy of Memorandum of Articles and Association (MoAA)
  8. List of Stock or Inventory
  9. Other Documents Related to Business

Repayment Options

We at First Investment Specialized Bank understand how challenging and stressful repaying loans can be. However, with FISB flexible payment options, repaying off your loans might be just as easy as acquiring one. FISB believes that our clients should have the freedom of options. Here are the most common methods that exist at our bank.

Installment Option

Regular monthly installments in either 12 or 24 months, with principal cost and interest. Our most common and preferred option of choice.

Balloon Option

Regular monthly payments of interest charges in either 12 or 24 months, with final month payment of full loan amount plus interest. Not recommended but open for discussions.

Grace Period Option

Pay the interest only for the duration of grace period agreed upon by client (i.e. 3 months), then continue on to pay in installment until the end of loan period.

Slice Period Option

Regular fixed monthly installments with interval(s) of payment of additional principal amount that is comfortable for client to reduce the principal owing balance, where remaining months are principal and interest installments.