Financial Services Overview

Ninety-nine percent of our clients are approved for loans making First Investment Specialized Bank (FISB) one of the most reliable and trusted banks in Cambodia. Whether you are taking a $5,000 loan to improve your fishery business or a $400,000 importing construction materials, if you have the ambition, we have the funds.

Financial Services

At First Investment Specialized Bank our business is to provide loans and services with the highest level of professionalism and quality. Our loan services are divided in two departments – commercial loans, and SME loans - based on the loan amount requested and the loan period.

Short and long term fixed loans are usually over $50,000 and not more than 24 months, whereas overdraft loans are usually under $50,000 and usually up to 12 months.

Receiving a Loan From FISB

Acquiring an FISB loan is fast, easy and hassle free. The client must demonstrate the following principles:

  • Ability to repay loan
  • Willingness to repay back the loan
  • Sufficient value of collateral

Targetted Loan Activity

FISB's loan activities include the following areas:

Agrico-Industrial Lending

  • Agricultural Lending
  • Agro-Food and Food Processing Industry Lending
  • Commercial Real Estate Lending
  • Commercial Construction & Infrastructure Lending
  • Commercial Entertainment & Leisure Industry Lending
  • Equipment Purchase Financing (Light and Heavy Industrial Equipment)
  • Industrial Project Lending

Personal Lending and Services

  • Personal Consumer Loans
  • Receivables Factoring
  • Transportation Vehicle Loans (Private & Business Vehicles)
  • Working Capital for Expansion & Growth

Educational and Technology Lending

  • Private University Lending
  • Information Technology Infrastructure and Services Lending
  • Telecommunications Equipment and Services Lending
  • Investment Funds for Expansion & Growth